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Be successful - for yourself, (Motivation to Study for Competitive Examinations)

Motivation to Study for Competitive Examinations
Hello friends You all know that there is a lot of questions, anxieties and fears in front of a competitor who prepares for a competitive exam, whose answers he talks about or asks in search of answers. In this battle, he keeps flowing in the dimensions of hope and despair. I have an obligation from all such partners today that nobody knows better than you and the strength of your abilities. The disappointing experience of someone else will apply to your life, it never happens. I am amazed when someone tries to stand firm on this matter that nowadays there is no selection without check - jack, and some even go ahead by stepping up to two steps ahead. Friends, such things are wrapped like hidden words to hide their failures by some unsuccessful people, and such people disappoint others - unemployed. I just want to say so much without going into the debate of exceptions that you take shoes, clothes, rings etc. all from your measurements - which remain with us for a very short period. When we look at our needs, abilities and measurements for things which last for a very short period of time, then by the things or things that make our life better forever, there are some of the frustrated and discontented people Why do you spoil life?

The only thing I can understand is that optimistic thoughts should always be in the mind of the competitor. There is no need to make any revolution for this, just need to think that I can, I will show it. How many losers before me or who did for their success - what to do with their handcuffs etc. -All things are not the subject of our contemplation. Sleeping-wake up, sitting and sitting, I only have to think of those who have shown success in the opposite conditions. Those who prove themselves as baseless by accusing the system, only save frustration for generations to come. Your self-confidence does not stop, it is the most important. He gives constant and untiring efforts. There are many people who want to be reluctantly in the queue of oblivion, but the opposite and the blunders become exemplary in the middle of the people.

It is a humble request from all your competitive teammates that just think good, maintain confidence and read just a few minutes but read it everyday !!! Keep in mind that your success enhances your confidence in the system and the fate is false stories and disappointing examples.

Become successful - for yourself, for everyone and for all who see you and will assure yourself that I too will succeed like one day !!!

Sincerely - Jitendra Kumar Soni IAS

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Be successful - for yourself, (Motivation to Study for Competitive Examinations)
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